Thursday, June 16, 2016

brette: 3 years

 looking back i can't believe i've been
doing these updates for so long.
once a month for the first year,
then every six months and now, yearly.
and how do i remember or accurately describe brette's growth
for a whole year?
going from two to three...
i wouldn't call it the "terrible twos" - -
instead i would call it the "trying twos."
she tries your patients, she tests her limits (and mine)
she fights back, she talks back.
she is just trying.
brette weighs 32 lbs.
but i don't know how tall she is.
we have her three year check up soon,
so i'll report back.
i'm interested to see what the doctor says.
she almost as tall as eden which is almost 4
but she's thicker in her legs.
i don't think she's built like me,
so i'll be interested to see if this changes in the next year.
i can't wait to find out her percentiles.
she wears 3T clothing and at
night she's in a size 5 diaper.
she's not crazy about her clothes... yet, so
i still relish in the fact that i get to pick out her clothes.
most days i give her two options and we go from there.
she still hasn't fully mastered not peeing when she sleeps.
besides that though, she's got the potty thing down.
the ONLY time she ever has accidents are on mondays
when she's way too busy playing to take a break.
we took her to the dentist last month
and they said she looks good.
i still haven't cut her hair.
i just don't want to.
what's cuter than long beautiful hair on a little girl?
you know me and my love for long hair.
she loves running and jumping.
she's finally into climbing too.
she climbs in and out of reid's crib,
she's up on the kitchen counters and on
the back of the couch.
i thought i'd never see the day.
she goes to be around 8:00,
but since we took down the rails to her crib
we sometimes find her asleep on the hallway.
she doesn't come in our room or cry.
she just grabs her pillow and makes herself
comfortable out in the hall.
its so weird.
she's normally in our room around 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning
and climbs into bed with me until 7:00 or
whenever she hears reid.
(that's her cue that she can talk)
she was going for awhile where she never napped, but
thankfully that has gotten much better.
i have to bribe her with gum or popsicles,
but it seem to be working.
she's been consistently sleeping for a couple weeks from
1:30 to 3:30 or even after.
and she's been waking up so much better.
i used to hate the afternoons because she was such
a nightmare when she woke up.
she would cry, had to held and
was just plain miserable.
she's like a new person now.
she doesn't wake up cheery, but
she can pull herself out of her fog and
be normal relatively fast now.
thank god.
she loves:
pea crisps
cheese sticks
chips & dip
turkey sticks
hot tea
cheez its
peanut butter and jelly
blueberry pancakes
veggie straws
ice cream/popsicles
she hates:
really it doesn't matter what it is,
she rarely eats it.
rice, potatoes, pork, meatloaf,
spaghetti, corn, casserole, anything and everything.
the only way i can get her to eat is if
i sit around and spoon feed her.
it's annoying.
i'm not sure if she's just not hungry?
recently i've been giving her a pretty good snack
around 4:00-4:30 just so i know something is in her system.
she eats breakfast, lunch and two snacks just fine.
but dinner is always a battle.

oh my god, the talking.
there are some days i wonder how long she can last.
i mean really.
how long can she go?
it's constant.
it's clear.
and it's correct.
she's got great language skills.
she uses words in the correct context and
can say basically anything you can.
some of her blends are still wrong and
her "k" sound is a "t" but
i think she's clear as a bird.
she also repeats ANYTHING she hears,
so we have to be extra careful.
just today there was a wasp in the playroom and
i ran away saying "oh shit."
after i killed the thing, brette says,
 "mommy, why did you say oh shit? was it because of the wasp?"
juuuuust great.
she still loves her swing.
going for walks instead of stroller rides.
anything with princesses.
running through the sprinkler.
dancing and singing.
helping ronnie outside.
watching movies - - especially toy story, tangled or frozen.
wearing "high heelies" but they never match.
she prefers one shoe of each color.
she is constantly playing her in kitchen baking cake
or making tea.
she will also get out her tool box and fix my leg.
we play "nap" where she'll get me a pillow and blanket
and make me close my eyes. (i love this game)
she loves watching tv, which is useful when i need to get reid down,
but i limit how much she watches a day. (normally only 2 shows per day)
her favorites are umi zumi, bubble guppies or mickey mouse club house.
she'll ask to play the touch game, which is basically where i say something and
she runs to touch it and then come back.
it's a good game to burn energy while i get something done.
 jumping for real
puts on her own shoes
takes herself potty
has full on conversations
knows some letters and numbers
walking up and down stairs without me
has an opinion  (about everything)
has songs memorized
i'm really excited for this next year.
she'll start preschool and i'm hoping
that she learns some set limits
so we're not battling as much.
but honestly, i wouldn't expect anything
less from a child of mine or ronnie.

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