Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday B Money!

my biggest little girl turned three years old on sunday.
seems like yesterday she was just meeting us for the first time.
and now three whole years has flown by.
36 months
1095 days
1,577,847 minutes.
she has gone from one day old to
one year old. and then
two years old. 
and now, somehow, we are here.
celebrating her big 3rd birthday.
miss brette annaleigh.
i couldn't love her more.
we actually started her day the night before.
after the girls were asleep ronnie and i decorated the house.
we hung balloons and pom poms downstairs and
strung streamers from her door.
of course the next morning, we opened presents first,
because you should never bury your lead.
there. are. gifts.
she actually liked her new princess books best,
which i was surprised.
i thought she'd go straight for her new sprinkler or
want to try on her new dress.
but no. it was the "princess movie" books she loved.
(i got her Tangled, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast)
after presents we took her out for breakfast.
biscuits and gravy, then
biscuits and jelly.
with lots of fruit and sausage.
all of her favorites.
we got home in time for reid's nap, so
i let brette pick a movie (frozen) to watch while she slept.
ronnie actually went outside and had cale come over so
they could finally finish up the house for the painters.
when reid woke up i was packed and ready to take brette
back to the splash pad - - her new favorite thing.
she even let me braid her hair.
a first!
i told her it was like elsa hair and she was down.

it was super hot so this was the perfect birthday activity.
when we got back home it was nap time for both girls.
i conned brette into actually sleeping by offering a cupcake when she woke up.
worked like a charm.
but then of course she had to have it as soon as she woke up and
kind of ruined her dinner.
but whatever,
it's her birthday.

(ronnie is a sweaty mess. its really  g. r. o. s. s.)
and then we headed out to meet my mom and dad for dinner.
it was such a nice day and i think
brette loved every second of it.
happy birthday, B!
we love you so much.
wanna take a look back?





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