Wednesday, June 1, 2016

short stories

i can no longer sit reid on the bathroom floor to play
while i take a shower.
she takes turns between crawling to the fireplace
or the toilet.
i stand there in a mild panic trying to decide between letting
her go a few more minutes or running across the room naked
to save her from god knows what.
good times.
brette doesn't like to accept help getting in or out of the car.
i stand there for what feels like an hour waiting for her to crawl in.
and then, even worse, find the longest route possible to get out.
today she decided to crawl over the console to sit shotgun before
making her way to the driver's seat and then finally out.
meanwhile, i'm chanting:
patience. patience. patience.
pick your battles.
i'll miss this one day, right?
i went through the drive-thru the other day
and the whole time i'm ordering brette is yelling
from the backseat, "what's your name?!! what's your name?!!"
it continued when we pulled around to get our food.
i finally just rolled down her window so she could
have the conversation with the fast food employee that
she'd been dying for.
social butterfly? yes. yes, she is.
reid is obsessed with louie and leia.
she has no words yet, but every time she
sees them she starts saying,  oo oo oo oo.
i'm pretty sure she's trying to say louie.  
i wouldn't be surprised if its her first word.
brette does a good job of listening and then
using what we say to her against us.
how do you respond when your two year old
tells you "i don't want to hear it" or "you need to watch your mouth."
but funny enough, she's started using what i say to her
and then tries it out on reid.
the other day we were in the grocery store and reid was being
a little loud and brette turned to her and said,
"you see all these people, reid? they don't want to hear you.
you need to quiet down."
it's pretty much the exact sentence
i use when brette is being too loud.
this year should be fun.

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