Monday, May 30, 2016

memorial day weekend

the long weekend is over and
we're all back at it tomorrow.
we left early saturday morning to go
 down to the lake with a bunch of friends
and spend two whole days out on a boat.
it. was. glorious.
and it makes me want to spend my whole summer
doing exactly that.
i think both girls love being out on the water.
it is a little difficult with the girls being as young as they are.
reid is supposed to take two naps a day and is still on the boob.
try doing that on a boat.
brette was ready to throw down at night because she was so tired,
but i figured it's only a few days and i'd rather have a fun day
and a rocky night, than do nothing at all. 
the second day we left reid with my parents and
just took brette.
reid needs a schedule more than brette
AND brette was so excited about "driving the boat"
that there was no way she was getting left behind.
i think next summer we might look into getting a camper so
we can actually do more of this.
the girls will be easier, the house should be done and
we might actually have some free time.
i can't wait.
i'm really glad we got out of the house and had some fun.
i think ronnie and i both needed the break.

we spent today at my parent's.
we slept, at lots of food and hung out with the family.
my brother came down with his girls and we
took them to visit my grandpa's grave and see
the ceremony they have at the veterans cemetery where he is buried.

and now here i am,
back at home, after going and going and going.
both girls are passed out after the long weekend and
i'm getting ready to watch scandal. (yes, i'm obsessed)
it's been a nice break,
but its nice to lay in my own bed.
hopefully you had a lovely l o n g  weekend too.
if only we got more of these.

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