Thursday, May 19, 2016

on her way

reid was not having it.
brette growing up without her?
not in this house.
as soon as brette made her way into her big girl bed,
reid was like, oh yeah?
well, i'm going to start crawling.
and that little stinker did it first for my parents on monday.
[May 16th]
of course she would.
why save anything for dear ol' mamma
who is here literally all. the. time.
she did it for me that night though and everyday since.
it's so exciting. 
i love a little crawling peanut.
but i also realized these girls are working together.
they're trying to kill me.
i now have one child in and out of her room too busy to nap
and up super early in the morning.
and the other one can now get into everything.
doesn't that like fun?

(literally the first morning brette went into reid's room
at 5:50am and woke her up.
the second morning she was standing over me
at 6:00am and scared the crap out of me. good times.)

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