Sunday, May 15, 2016


the thing that i've been dreading, happened.
brette started consistently climbing out of her crib.
she walked into our room this morning at 6:30 like it ain't no thang.
oh geez.
normally, i ignore her until at least 7:00.
i guess this. is. happening.
so we decided it was time to turn her crib into a daybed.
i'm not thrilled.
she hasn't napped all weekend, but - - fingers crossed - -
seems to go down fine at night.
(probably because she's so tired from not napping.)
but i'm waiting for her to show up at 3am and
then my life will be over.
i literally just got reid sleeping through the night so
if i start having to get up with my 2 year old i might die.
it's not fair!
she is super excited about it though and will invite anyone
to "come look at her big girl bed."
we I put a rail up so she won't fall out,
but she can easily get around that anytime she pleases.
i'm just worried that her naps will suffer and
i'll end up with a grouchy little girl.
so far, nothing i've tried will keep her in bed with her eyes closed.
she gets out toys,
she tried on clothes,
she reads books,
she rearranges her closet.
anything but sleep.
i think one day she will figure out to go in the playroom and
then i'm pretty sure i'll have to wave my white flag.
but for now, i'm not giving up!
i have hope that she will get used to this new
found freedom and still choose to lay down and fall asleep.
we shall see.
i'll keep you posted.


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