Wednesday, May 4, 2016

weekend recap

not a whole lot going on over here in these parts.
ronnie spends every free moment outside trying
to get our siding and trim done in time for the painters.
i feel bad, but not enough to let him stop.
i just want it over with.
he did get another tiny project done for me:
paint the ugly mirror in our downstairs bathroom.
i hated to wood tone of this mirror but loved
the little shelf feature.
a year and a half later... it's painted and re-hung.
(now if only the bathroom was done too. meh.)
i did actually let ronnie have a few breaks.
we went on a little family walk around the neighborhood.
and we went out for ice cream.
reid's first time - - she loved it.

i also managed to escape the girls for a few hours
and actually got my hair professionally done.
it's been YEARS since i went to a salon and
it was such a treat.
expensive, yes, but totally worth it.

while waiting on ronnie to finish the outside,
i've been keeping busy with the details.
first, i took the girls to look at paint colors.
brette wanted pink and purple.
but really, it's SO HARD to choose.
i've never redone the outside of a house.
i'm drawn toward darker colors, which surprises me,
but i think it might look really
crisp and clean against the white trim.
right now, we're leaning toward this:
with black shutters.
we might do a black door too.
not sure yet.
i'm also toying with the idea of doing more of a blue tone.
i saved this to my phone a few weeks ago.
i wish i knew what color it was.

and for the inside i have fallen in love
with a new shelving unit i saw on pioneer woman.
it's industrial,
it's big.
it has a ladder!
ree drummond has it.
and it's perfect for this wall:


it's also expensive and ronnie pretty
much told me i was dreaming.
excepted instead of dreaming he said
something i won't write here.
dang it!
i'm still trying to persuade him and i even told him
he could count it for mother's day, birthday and christmas.
i'm not sure if it's working, but
i still have hope.
also, reid is still working hard toward crawling.
she does this. a lot.
but she won't actually take off and go.

i'm probably going to regret the day she is mobile
because i'm sure brette will go crazy trying to keep her
out of her things, but i just love milestones so much that
i don't care.
hope you had a lovely weekend
enjoying the last of these cool temps.
spring is upon us.

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