Sunday, May 22, 2016

reid: ten months

reid changes more and more everyday and
i feel like we're getting into "big girl" territory.
no more car seats in a store, she sits in the cart.
no more laps in a restaurant, she sits in a highchair.
no more baby food, she's eats what we eat.
basically, she's way easier now.
here's the downlow:

we won't have another doctor's appointment until she's a year old,
so i don't have her exact height and weight, but she's definitely getting bigger.
she mostly wears 12 months clothing, but
just because we have a TON of it.
everything from madeline and eden and then 
all the clothes brette got for her first birthday.
reid's wardrobe is out. of. this. world.
no clothes needed over here.
 she's still in a size 3 diaper and i'm going to try to start having her wear shoes.
i bet she's in a three or a four, but not sure.
i need to go through all of brette's old shoes and bust them out.
her hair is growing a lot on top and the sides but
still not a lot of length in the back.
it does seem to be curling some though, so
i'm excited to see how that turns out.
basically, exactly opposite from B.
but the biggest change this month are her gross motor skills.
she can crawl and sit up on her own.
it is so amazing to sit her down in the playroom
and let her go.
literally, i can just leave her alone to go explore
she can sit up, crawl around, bother brette...
it's awesome.
turns out i was right about her sleeping through the night.
in fact, it's even gotten better.
no more up at 5am.
she goes down at 8 and is up at 7.
i'm loving it.
too bad it only took 9 months!
her naps are the same except i took out the 3rd nap altogether.
it was annoying and i decided that since she's getting eleven hours at night
as long as she gets around three in her first two naps,
then i'm okay with it.
her first at is still at 10am,
her second at 2pm.
her morning nap is definitely her best and
she'll sleep the longest, but
every once in awhile her afternoon nap rocks too.
 i'm still nursing her to sleep and she still loves the pacifier.
i know.
these next couple months might suck taking those things away,
but i'm hoping for smooth transition.
fingers crossed.
reid still has no teeth.
it's crazy. i keep waiting but nothing is popping through.
nevertheless she eats people food like a champ.
she eats anything we give her including meat.
i know last month i still hadn't started that, but
i wanted her to get more protein so i just cut it up really small and
she does great with it.
in fact, i think she loves it.
for those of you with babies this age i completely recommend
it makes going to a restaurant a breeze.
seriously, get one.
weaning has been going really well too.
i took away her 5am feeding and now she sleeps right through.
next, i took away her 5pm feeding.
i figured she can have a snack after nap and
then dinner, which will get us to her last feeding of the day.
so far, no complaints.
right now our schedule is:
7:00 nurse
8:30 breakfast
10:00 nurse
12:00 lunch
2:00 nurse
4:00 snack
6:00 dinner
8:00 nurse
i plan on combining her 7am with her 10am.
i would like her to start drinking milk with breakfast that
way we can start getting away from nursing her to sleep.
next week should be interesting.
hopefully she's ready for this.
like i said above, reid is playing more and
more on her own just because she's mobile now to do it.
a lot of the time if i'm trying to get something done or
i need to get ready i can put a basket
of toys down on the floor and she's good.
she'll throw them around and then crawl around to all of them.
it's so nice.
her freedom = my freedom.
we've also been going on stroller walks everyday.
brette loves to run around and reid loves to watch.
it's so nice to be able to go outside all the time.
in fact, i took them to the park a few days ago and
reid sat on a blanket in the grass and picked dandelions.
thank god for spring.
i have been trying to work on her standing to play,
but she has no balance.
i feel like she stands on her tippy toes a lot and
will literally just go down like a tree.
i have to be on high alert when she's standing.
we have a bunch of toys that are good for standing and playing,
and she'll pull up to her knees, but actually
getting up on her feet is a no go.
i'm not even worried about it though since she JUST started crawling.
one thing at a time.
she is crawling
she is sitting up on her own.
she is sleeping 11 hours straight.
she sits in shopping carts and highchairs.
she had her first ice cream and popsicle.
(tis the season, right?)




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