Thursday, May 5, 2016

mother's day gift ideas

if i HAD to buy myself something
for mother's day i know if would love any of this.
so i thought maybe these would work for that special
female in your life.
my go-to is always etsy.
original. fun. and so very cute.
you never have enough tea towels.
at least not in my family.
and i must have a soft spot for family recipes
because how amazing are these?

or, i find this one rather appropriate.

pair this with some actual recipe cards, maybe add a mug (like this one),
and a few kitchen items,
pull it all together in a basket and wah la..
you just got gifted.
i'm also always down for clothing or shoes.
summer is near and i really want a pair of saltwater sandals.
AND you can even buy a pair for your kid too.
can you get any cuter than matching your offspring on mother's day?
no. no, you can't.
i personally love the green ones!
and since i spend most of my time around the house or
running errands, cute tees are always a hit.
or this.
or really ANY shirt from here.
and if you have a mama that loves
a good glass of wine,
well, look no further.
you can actually have a wine delivered to her door every month.
it's the gift that keeps on giving.
i'm not really a jewelry person.
i rarely wear it.
i might put on an extra ring or if
i'm feeling extra fancy i'll have on a necklace.
but i know there are lots of you ladies out there
that love love love you some jewelry.
here are two of my favorite ideas for mother's day.
first, the birthstones of your kids.
not my style, but i get the sentiment.
i actually like these because they're stackable and
therefore easy to add if you have more kids.
now this little necklace i can get behind.
it's probably the sweetest thing ever.
no mom can resist.
you actually get a picture they drew or,
i personally love, their signature option.
i might have to send this link to ronnie when
the girls are a little bit older.
and when in doubt,
you can never go wrong with flowers.
and it just so happens that groupon
has an amazing proflowers deal.
literally 50% off.
check. it. out.
i hope this helps.
and i hope you have a lovely mother's day.
celebrate you.
celebrate your mom.
celebrate your grandma.
celebrate your mamma friends.
and for all those male readers i have,
(do i actually have any?)
it all started with a mom,
so do it up right.
too bad ronnie's not follower.

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