Wednesday, June 22, 2016

reid: eleven months

we are one month away from her big birthday.
but let me tell you...
the amount of change i see in reid in the last month is crazy.
c r a z y.
it's times like these that i'm so glad i get to stay
home with my girls because
honestly, just like that, they grow up.

still no news on her height and weight, but
i promise to do an update when we have her well-baby visit with the pediatrician.
i actually don't see a lot of change in her physical appearance.
i'm sure she's grown some, but
she so active that i doubt she's gained much weight.
she's wearing 12 month clothing and size three diaper.
actually, right now she's wearing a size 2 because i'm
an idiot and bought the wrong size.
i already busted them open before i realized and
so we're squeezing her into these until i need another box.
her hair might be a tad longer and i do notice it
is finally starting to grow some around her neck.
but let's get to the big changes:
she's standing, she had her first word and she got her first tooth.
 i know.
i told you it was a big month!
she pulls up on everything - - she definitely
likes to be standing.
and she's always on the go.
she'll crawl from my room to the playroom,
but her favorite place is the bathroom. (of course)
she crawls right to the bathtub, stands up and tries to reach the toys.
it freaks me out that she might fall in, so
i keep the door shut the majority of the day.
we also taught brette to be on high-alert about the baby gate at the top of the stairs.
since brette was doing well going up and down on her own
we got kind of lax about keeping it shut,
but now that reid is all over the place we are nazis about
making sure it's shut.
my darn stairs will forever freak me out.
and yes, i still miss my ranch house.
and now for her first word!
she will drop something and say "ah oh!"
its really freaking cute. and she does it all the time.
she'll also say "da" for ronnie, "oo oo" for louie and
yes, i've even gotten a few "ma's."
it's all very exciting.
and last, her teeth.
that's right.
not just one tooth but several!
her two middle bottom ones are coming in and i
can feel one on the top now too.
i think by her first birthday,
we should definitely have all three in.
i can't wait to see her toothy grin.
but, with all these teeth finally popping through,
we've had a few hard nights.
only a couple, but still.
that always sucks.
i dose her up with infant tylenol and hope for the best.
sleeping is same ol' same ol'.
except for those few rough night dealing with her teeth,
she's right on schedule.
down at 8:00pm,
up between 6:30 - 7:30.
first nap at 9:30 and second nap at 2:00.
i'm working on putting her down awake and letting
her put herself to sleep.
she can definitely do it, but
some days are harder on her than others.
she will start going to a sitter on friday's next month
and i want it to be a smooth transition.
i figure, that easier she is to put down,
the easier her day will be away from home.
here's the thing - - she is still very reliant on a pacifier.
i haven't been too concerned with it because
she had no teeth.
but now that her teeth are busting through i get a
little paranoid about letting her keep her pacifier.
after we're done nursing, the pacifier will be the first thing to go.
reid eats like a champ and will
for real, out eat brette.
she is pickier than i remember brette being though.
she won't eat hamburger, avocado or certain fruits,
which i think it weird, but
when you do find something she loves
(black beans/eggs/peas/tuna salad/cheese)
she will eat a ton.
 she is still nursing, but the weaning process is going really well.
i cut her 5am feeding first when she started sleeping through the night.
then i cut her 5pm feeding.
the next to go was her 7am feeding.
instead, we just went downstairs and had breakfast.
so right now this is her schedule:
7:30 - breakfast
9:30 - nurse
12:00 - lunch
2:00 - nurse
4:00 - snack
6:00 - dinner
8:00 - nurse
next on my list is giving her milk out of sippy cup.
i think i might start with breakfast.
if i can get her to eat and drink her milk together
then i will stop nursing her at her naptime.
this will also allow me to put her down while she's
still awake so we can work on that too.
since i only have four weeks left,
i will cut one nursing session per week and
the last week i will start mixing whole milk in
with the breastmilk to convert her over by her birthday.
i'm interested to see how she likes milk
out of her sippy cup.
hopefully, it's easy-peasy.
we put new batteries in our stand-to-play toys because
that's her favorite thing to do.
the piano, the dog that walks and kitchen are
all her favorites.
anything that she can crawl over to and stand up and play.
she also loves the tool set.
she always has a screw driver in her hands.
when we're downstairs she's always into the dog bowls.
i have to pick up the water bowl 80 times a day
so she doesn't make a mess, but i let her
clang around their food bowls just because she loves it so much.
she also loves climbing up on our brick step.
i put a rug over the edge to save her from hitting her face
but she's always on a mission to get to the front door.
she also messes around with the little white table and chairs a lot.
basically, if there is something down on her level,
she's into it.
she is standing
she has teeth
she said her first word
she can climb up a stair



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