Sunday, June 26, 2016


things were going so well.
we actually looked like a fairly normal family.
me, with the yukon.
ronnie, with his truck.
the harley was tucked away in the garage.
the 4Runner and jeep were sold.
the only huge monster left in our driveway
was ronnie's shed-on-wheels that he has for work.
(and there's not much i can do about that.)
and then he went and bought a camper.
technically, I bought the camper,
but lets be honest.
i would never actually buy a camper without
it being ronnie's stupid idea. 
let's back up.
we had a lovely time over memorial day weekend.
ronnie wanted a camper.
i said next year.
ronnie found a camper online that he liked.
i said it was too expensive.
ronnie called the guy and he had just dropped his price by $5000.
i said i guess.
ronnie sent me to look at the camper and make sure it was in good shape perfect.
i said what the hell am i looking for?
ronnie listed off a bunch of stuff that i have no clue about.
i put him on speaker phone the whole time i was there and
shot a video for him to look at.
he approved.
i jewed down the price.
they accepted.
ronnie's life just got better.
i just added more work to mine.
but we both agree:
we're taking off on our maiden voyage this weekend.
my list is a mile long.
its has a queen-size bed and a full-size bed,
both sizes of sheets and comforters have been stored away
in the basement for the last several years.
looks like i'll be doing laundry.
and buying groceries, figuring out meals,
packing (for me, 2 girls and 2 dogs), making sure we have all the random shit
that you might need over a three day period
and hopefully having a whole lot of fun once we get there.
what's ronnie doing?
packing for himself and the coolers.
i'm anxious to see how this goes.
hello, you know me. i'm a planner.
i like to know how things are going to be before i get there.
my biggest fear?
my girls don't sleep.
they turn into a hot mess and i'm stuck with whiney, crying kids.
i wish i was more go-with-the-flow about stuff like this,
but i like my schedule and i get a little nervous when we try to veer off.
especially for several days at a time.
i'm sure i'll get better at this campering thing the more i do it,
but for now, i'm making huge lists so i don't forget something mandatory.
wish me luck!

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