Friday, June 10, 2016

splash into summer

i literally don't believe it,
but the best thing ever was built right
down the road from my house.

my old house.

that's right.
we move and then
the city built this amazing park at
the end of my old road.
it's got:
2 or 3 huge jungle gyms
playground equipment
covered picnic tables
musical chimes for the kids to play
i literally used to walk down there with the dogs
and let them run in a big open field.
and now,
well, now it's like a kid's dream.
not that i regret moving, but it
would be nice to be a short
stroller ride away from this all summer.
but whatever, at least it's a short car ride away.
and brette freaking loved it.
she ran around like a crazy woman.
reid, not so much.
she cried when i tried to put her down,
but i have hope that she'll eventually start playing too.
she did enjoy sitting with me in the shade in her stroller.
it felt like a break to me, so i'll take it!
the best part is that it's easier than a pool.
i don't have to worry about drowning,
or peeing, or drowning.
plus, there is no clean up.
i packed a super small bag with one towel,
2 sandwiches, sunscreen, snacks and water.
that was it.
it was so easy.
and so fun.
i'm pretty sure we'll be back weekly to hang.

ps- brette begged to go back that night.
she calls it the "ice pack" instead of the "splash pad."
 i wanna go back to the ice pack!
pss- brette's new favorite snack is "trail mix."
i made it up.
basically it's 
peanuts, yogurt covered raisins and pea crisps.
 last time i even added cheez-its.
i feel like it's semi-healthy, so i'm down.

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