Tuesday, January 18, 2011

king me

it's here. it's up.  it's made. and it's been slept in. 

one problem.  my puppies do not take advantage of all the extra room.  leia is still snuggled into my side and louie is still toothpicking me with his legs.
(definition of toothpicking: when a dog lays on it's side with it's legs straight out so they can dig in your back) 
i think ronnie likes it though.
we spent all friday evening moving beds and getting ready.  the weather was gross but we managed to get everything put back together by saturday night.  we even had to make a late night run to target because we forgot obvious things we would need like new sheets and a new matress pad. 
yesterday was martin luther king day - - i had the day off and i spent it getting to know my new bed. 
a good day.

ps - with all of this running around i managed to go back on my "no fast food" thing.  shucks. 
but i did end up making a big pot of chili so at least i didn't spend the whole weekend in the drive-thru.

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