Sunday, January 23, 2011

page turner

Shutter Island  Twilight  The Secret Life of Bees    Where the Red Fern Grows  The Lost Symbol  Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral  The Time Traveler's Wife

i'm a bookworm.
i read every night before i go to bed. sometimes 30 mins - - sometimes 2 hours. 
and i'll read anything, even if i hate it.
a couple years ago i started tracking the books i've read and the books i want to read.
it's all online at goodreads - - you can find my profile here.
if you're a bookworm like me or just want to find some good recommendations, i suggest you try out the site.

i really like reading and it's relaxing.
(let's hear it for a little 'me' time.)
so i'm off to end my night in bed with a book.

Plain Truth  A Million Little Pieces  The Shack  The Lovely Bones  My Sister's Keeper  The Giver For One More Day

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