Wednesday, January 12, 2011

take a seat

ronnie and i spent the weekend shopping (ugh) for furniture - living room style. 
we were also on the hunt for a king size bed. 
my puppies are tiny, but have somehow managed to take over our bed. 
nebraska furniture mart was a bit overwhelming.  we walked around there for a long time, trying to find our perfect couch/chair/love seat.  we didn't really know what we wanted.  i know i hate microsuede and ronnie hates hard couches.  we sat on everything and found something wrong with every single one. 
picky much?
so we moved on to the beds.  we couldn't find one we loved there either.
actually, i found a bed i wanted, but ronnie wasn't satisfied. i think its because the pick-up line outside was so freaking long, he didn't want to have to wait.
on to the next store - furniture deals.  it didn't have as much to choose from which made it easy to glide right through that store without falling in love with anything.  only one sectional couch caught my eye, but ronnie wasn't impressed. next.
crowley furniture - and yes, we found not only the couch, but also a bed, a tv, and coffee table. 
wtf - how did this happen? 
we dropped the majority of our christmas bonus in one fell swoop.  it started with a couch.  we ended up buying a sectional - - which was not at all what i was looking for.  i wanted two pieces... i like the looks of that more.  but when it comes down to it and you sit on the couch and then you sit on the sectional - the sectional was SO much more comfortable.  even though both were the same brand and style.  i don't get it, but i swear it's true. here is a little sneak peak:
picture this without the chase lounge.

so then we decided that we would need a new coffee table because our other one would no longer fit in this space.  not only would it not fit, but it was my brother's from college that we spray painted black.  it has scratches and one of the legs is split.  we need a new square one, or a round one, or a small trunk...
we ended up with this one... and i really was the one pushing for it.  i think ronnie wanted to keep looking.

since we spent so much $$$ - they threw in a 32" toshiba flat screen tv.
um, score! that thing is going in my bedroom. 

on to the beds.  ronnie wanted a pillow-top and i wanted a plush.  i won.  and they were on sale (bonus!).  we ended up with a sealy - which i think is a good brand.  don't really know, because i've never bought a bed (without ma and pa) before.  here's to hoping we love it.  
the bed will be delivered on saturday and the furniture won't be here to february.  i hate waiting, but this gives me time to pull my basement together.  it is inheriting our current living room furniture and with all the junk down there right now, nothing would fit.  it's a good winter project for me - but no fun.  

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