Thursday, November 3, 2011

bye bye mauve

you might remember this picture from when i was showing off my new paint job.

we decided to rip up all the carpet ourselves to save a little $$$, so we had to haul all our furniture to other areas in the basement that aren't getting carpeted.
here is what is now behind those closed doors:

and in a never-before-seen shot of our house - - this is ronnie's shop:
aka- the unfinished part of our basement,
now being used for storage.

the stairs - now sans mauve carpet.

notice that the carpet was laid on top of concrete?
no pad.
the previous owners really skimped on this.
but no worries, it made for less waste and easier for us to pull up.
but ronnie and i will definitely be adding a pad for softness.

my mom and dad came up to help.
(they should be part owners of the house by now with all the free labor they have given us over the years.  i don't think ronnie and i have done one project without gary and linda coming to lend a hand. ah thank you.)

so now we wait...
carpet should be in tomorrow and we're hoping it's laid by next week.
cross your fingers that our carpet guy isn't already busy.

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  1. almost there... it is so worth it! trust me. ps - part owners. hahaha. so true! in fact, i don't think we'd even own our house with that logic. we'd be renting it from them.