Wednesday, November 16, 2011

weekend travels

on friday i mentioned that i was headed down south.
four girls and this little guy made a 6 hour drive with lots of talking and not a lot of crying.
thank god.

i am in love with mauri's house.
in. love.
it's older with lots of charm.
i tried to take pics but got lost in conversation.

or i might have gotten lost in all the kiddo cuteness.
karis's cousin was there for the weekend too.
just call her snow white.

and here is our lovely host,
full of southern charm.

we didn't do a whole lot.
we only made it outside once.

and even then,
we needed wine to help motivate.

and all too soon, we were on our way back home.
but it was a good break and i'm glad we got to share in another girls weekend.

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