Wednesday, November 2, 2011

when acorns become pine cones

my acorn wreath dreams were dashed.
it was simply taking too long to come up with all those acorns.
not to mention that i went to hobby lobby and found bags and bags
of pre-found pine cones.
well, that is a lot easier.
so i bought a couple.
and started hot gluing.

ps- it sucked and took me almost three hours.

i wanted to make my wreath a mustard yellow to go with the season.
here's a tip:
for more paint colors go to the model airplane aisle.
they had more options than the normal spray paint aisle...

(i wouldn't have found it if ronnie hadn't been
hiding out there while i shopped.)

but when i painted it, it turned out to be more gold - which really doesn't bother me except that it's really hard to get in all the crevices of a pine cone, so a lot of it is still brown.
i'm considering going to buy another can of spray paint and trying to cover it more - or it just might leave it.
i can't tell if i like it or not...

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