Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the story of us

ronnie and i have known each other for a long time.
a friend of mine had a crush on him in high school.
he was 20 and we were 16.
later, we would attend some of the same parties.
and while in college he would date one of my close friends.
later, when i was a junior in college a friend of mine invited me to a travis tritt concert in kansas city.
i drove in from springfield to go.
she had an extra ticket and invited ronnie.
so while travis tritt sang, ronnie and i flirted.
we kissed that night. 
our first.
september, 2004.
we talked on the phone for a couple months after, but with me two hours away, it didn't work.
several months later i was back home in warrensburg for the weekend and we saw each other out.
we started talking again.
and once again, with me in springfield and him in warrensburg, he stopped calling.
i was now in my master's program a few months into the fall semester.
one night, i got an out of the blue phone call.
it was ronnie.
calling to apologize for not calling.
i found out later that he had been out that night and was dancing with some girl and he said he wished it was me.  he just stopped and left all his friends and went home.
he said that he really wanted to try this.
to date.
to go out.
november, 2006
that weekend i drove to warrensburg and we went on our first date.
dinner in lee's summit.
two weeks later he came to my family's thanksgiving.
a month later he took me to illinois to meet his mom.
she told me she wanted me to be her daughter-in-law.
that night, ronnie told me he loved me.
three months later we took a trip to chicago because we had cubs tickets.
we went to a fancy dinner on michigan avenue.
i had pot pie.
ronnie ordered a bottle of wine.
we took a carriage ride through chicago's streets.
we went back to the hotel room so i could go potty.
ronnie was on the balcony.
i joined him.
he proposed.
it was clumsy and he was nervous,
but sweet.
april, 2007
we were engaged for 19 months.
i was dead set on a fall wedding.
during that time,
i graduated.
moved home.
got a job.
moved in with ronnie.
bought our house.
and planned a wedding.
and then,
we were married.
november 1, 2008

three years ago.
happy anniversary, ronaldo.

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