Thursday, December 22, 2011


i mentioned that ronnie and i went to illinois over the weekend.
his mother and grandma live in the small town of wyoming, outside of peoria.
we love going to visit.
we get to sleep in
and watch movies
and have long talks with his mom. 
sometimes its nice to get away and do a whole lot of nothing. 
but we did manage one big get together while we were there.
ronnie is lucky enough to have several cousins our age,
so we have a built in group of friends.
they had a big christmas celebration for their family.
the aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of children were all running around. 
there was a lot of laughing, eating and drinking going on that night.
and too soon,
we were headed home.
in the rain.
it was a long seven hour drive.

but it was a nice trip
and i'm glad we got to celebrate christmas with the other half of ronnie's side.

the farm where we had our big family xmas party

driving into town
train depot

down town

water tower
Wyoming Water Tower - Wyoming

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