Friday, December 30, 2011

soon it will be christmas day


new year's eve is around the corner, but i haven't gotten to share some cute xmas photos from last weekend.  my family got our first christmas with little madeline - we hung out at the house, went to christmas mass, had a big dinner and stayed up talking.
but first, let's take a look at my mom's subtle hint that she needs another grandchild, shall we?

notice the gaping hole the perfect size for a sixth stocking?
very clever, mom.

here is my mom reading 'twas the night before christmas' to madeline.

 the fam hanging out in the living room

madeline and brian playing

ronnie and i with our dogs on the couch.

christmas morning came around 7:30.
madeline was up and so were we.
we had fun opening packages, eating breakfast and getting ready for the extended family to arrive.

jaime and brian - christmas morning

mom and madeline

 dad surprised mom with a pearl necklace.
she wore it with her jammies all morning.

and then it was time for the doggie stockings...

and for the first time in forever my mom's whole family was in town.
my grandma, all the aunts (my mom is one of four girls) and their families.
it ended up being around 30 people.
and it was hectic.
so much, that i didn't take one photo.
(enter bummed face)

but it was a great holiday.
and i have the new clothes to prove it.

hope everyone had a very merry christmas.

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