Thursday, December 15, 2011

would you like fries with that?

job interview number two.
this is good, folks.
but i feel like i should update you on my current situation.

everyone knows i am ready to leave umkc.
as soon as possible.
i think crying in my office is where i draw the line.
so ronnie and i had a long talk about it.
we had to discuss the importance of money vs. happiness.
i voted to be happy.
ronnie voted for the paycheck.
in the end, i won.
so while this next job might not be what i had planned.
the perfect career move...
but it's a move.
and right now that's the only thing that counts.
this is also fair warning that ronnie and i might be on a budget for awhile.
i'm hoping that the next job will lead to another position where i can use my degrees.
so i might have to start low.
and i might have to take a couple years to learn the in's and out's.
and i might take a pay cut. but at least i'll be smiling.

what i wore to interview #1:
cranberry shirt dress - banana republic
brown corduroy blazer - no clue, super old
patterned brown tights - target
madden brown heels - zappos

what i'm wearing to interview #2:
black shift dress - banana republic
white long-sleeved shirt - target
gray tights - target
mary jane black heels - target
(i'm also wearing a black blazer over this (forever 21) - but just not to work)
here goes nothing.

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