Tuesday, May 7, 2013


awhile ago ronnie's dad found a picture
of ronnie when he was born and gave it to me. 
i had never seen him this young.
his family had a fire and a lot of photos from when
ronnie was little were lost.
i am so happy they actually found this. 
and while i was in warrensburg over the weekend,
i also grabbed the first known pic of me.
its dated two weeks after i was born.
my parents don't have a good excuse like a fire.
instead, they forgot to put film in the camera
so all photos from the first two weeks are undocumented.
i blame it on the "second child syndrome."
my mom blames my dad.
ronnie and i have been studying our baby pictures
so we have an idea of what/who brette looks like when she comes.
ronnie claims i look like an old man.
i swear he looks half asian.
so maybe ronnie and i are getting an asian old man?
(and yes, i took a picture of a picture because my scanner is somewhere in the basement mess.
i hope to retrieve it one day during clean up.)

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