Monday, May 6, 2013

so tired

i had another amazing shower this weekend
in warrensburg at my parent's
but i don't have all the photos from it yet,
so i'm going to skip to sunday.
the day of rest.
except for me, it was the most work i've done in awhile.
i started the day around 7:30 going out mushroom hunting with my brother.
he said that he wasn't going to be gone for very long
and that the only part i might have trouble with
is crossing over a creek.
that didn't sound so bad.
but no.
"not very long" in brian terms
equals 4 hours.
4 hours walking and walking and walking.
we found 8 mushrooms.
and the "creek" was actually a river.
steep sides, muddy, hard to get down
and even harder to get back up.
especially 8 months pregnant.  
and the last time i crossed over it
water was up to our thighs.
i was soaked by the time we got back to the truck.
wet, tired
and only mildly successful.
but that wouldn't have been so bad except for i had
another looooong job waiting for me when i got back.
one thing i hear over and over again is how tired
i am going to be once brette gets here. 
how i may not have time to even shower,
let alone cook dinner.
so i thought the best thing to do would be prepare several meals
that i can freeze and have for this summer
so ronnie and i don't spend every night either starving
or going to mcdonalds.
after my hike with brian, my mom and i got started cooking.
5 hours later we were done and 20 meals were frozen.
it was very tiring and my feet/back were rocked.
i haven't been in that much pain in a long time. 
but i am super excited to have one more thing done
in preparation for baby.
the more i can do now, the less i have to worry about later.
a big shout out to my mom.  she stuck by me in the kitchen
while we finished meal after meal.
if you want to do something similar, here's my tip:
buy gallon freezer bags and flatten them out as much as possible.
you can easily stack them and take up hardly any room in your freezer.
and that was my day of rest.
good thing i had off monday too.

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