Wednesday, May 15, 2013

up up and away

i am one lucky girl to have
not only one, but
t w o
amazing showers thrown in honor of brette and i.
the last one was hosted by my aunt mickie and sis-n-law, jaime.
hot air balloon themed - which is perfect for the nursery
since that's the look i'm going for.
in fact, mickie ended up making hot air balloon centerpieces
that i am going to use above brette's crib.
ah thank you.
i was able to catch up with all the mammas that watched me grow up,
ronnie's family and my family.
it was a fun day.
ready for all the pictures?


the whole gang
an amazing diaper cake topped with brette's very own cabbage patch doll.
(which is a good thing because there was no way in hell i was giving her willy.)
also, something i didn't realize - - every layer of this cake had goodies in the middle...
plus all the stuff you can see on the outside!

one of the hot air balloons - - soon to be nursery decoration.

all the ladies in my family.
eden lou

mom and i

baby shower game #1 - unscramble

the toilet paper game - dylanie won.
ronnie's side of the fam

pretty little favors

food, food, food!
the menu especially put together around my favorite things.

which included dessert - reese's brownie cupcakes.
yes, they are as good as they sound.

my grandma and my mom.
i know i use the word amazing a lot.
but amazing, right??!
thank you so much to my family for making so wonderful.

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