Saturday, May 18, 2013

ready or not, but really we're ready

i had a pretty great going-to-be-a mother's day last weekend.
ronnie bought me some flowers and of course my favorite, reese's.
i think this is his go-to gift now.
but what really made my day is that ronnie could not say no
to all the things i wanted to get done.
and what i really wanted to do was finish the nursery.
so we went to work.
the nursery looked like this
after bringing home all the things from last weeks shower.

we sorted, put away and organized.
then i decided that we needed to buy a night stand
and a build our pallet shelf.
ronnie got to work on both.
i supervised and tried to help where i could.
we made her bed
packed her diaper bag
did more of her laundry
made her things a home in the bathroom and kitchen.
hung everything on the gallery wall
lined her drawers
and put out the finishing touches.
we were really busy all day
and very tired by the end of it.
and now finally,
the big reveal:

i'm really proud of it.
i think its adorable.





  1. I think you meant to upload pics of the nursery? yes? I don't see any. I want to!

    Also wanting to see your belly. I'll need a bump update too.

  2. Love the pallet shelf!!! -Rachel

  3. It is beautiful, Brooke. You both did a great job. Brette should feel very comfortable in her peaceful little nook. Mick