Wednesday, May 22, 2013

update: 38 weeks

i'm thirty-eight weeks.

weight? i have gained 25 lbs. total and since we know little missy weighs in around 6lbs right now, that means i have 19 big ones to lose once she comes. but… i have another couple weeks to go, so that number will probably go up a bit. i am looking forward to morning stoller walks, but I’m sure some treadmill time will be mandatory too. wah wah.

cravings?  i am in love with kid’s cereal.  fruit loops, apple jacks, captain crunch, cinnamon toast crunch, pops, frosted flakes - - i’ve bought them all in the last 6 months.  i can’t get enough sweet cereal.  in fact, i've noticed i missed coco puffs, so those are now on the list. ronnie doesn’t know what to do about it. he tries to buy our usual special k, multigrain cheerios or honey bunches of oats, but i’m not having it.  i'm splurging while i can.

side effects? back pain is no longer an issue.  i mean, i can’t carry a heavy load or go on a long road trip, but all in all, i’d say its 90% better.  i still don’t understand why it would hurt so bad when i was smaller and gradually get better as i get bigger.  very weird. 
but no fear, i am far from pain free and still pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day.  plus i’m having a real issue with my left foot and ankle swelling. it goes back down over night, but i feel like a real fatty by bedtime.

baby? last week in my ultrasound, brette weighed 5lbs 14oz.  if she stays on track to gain 8oz per week, she should be around 6lbs 6oz right now.  i’d like her to be around 7 lbs so she needs another week or two to grow. i guess i’ll wait. her body was still measuring around 4 weeks behind and her head was still measuring two weeks ahead, so really, get ready for my little bobblehead.  i have a dr. appointment tomorrow, so i’m going to ask what the weird measurements mean, if anything.  

preparations? the nursery is finished and i love it. her diaper bag is packed.  her clothes for the hospital are bought, but not washed.  i have a couple things of mine out and ready, but i still need to pack my overnight bag. ronnie and i took an infant CPR class last week and we have the tour of the maternity ward tomorrow. we also have an appointment tomorrow with the highway patrol so they can check the installation of our carseat.  apparently, 80% of carseats are not put in correctly and since we’ve never done it, i thought we should get a safety inspection done.  just in case.  ronnie thinks i’m crazy, but hello, i’d rather be safe than sorry. i think besides that, we’re pretty much ready for her at anytime.    

the best thing? she gets hiccups almost everyday and i can feel every single one of them.  at first, i was so confused because i couldn’t figure out what was going on. i thought maybe she was hitting me to a beat - my little fist pumper. but once i figured it out i love feeling them. its pretty cool to know exactly what’s going on with her, even if its only for a couple minutes.

the worst thing?  my mixed feelings about the birth.  on one side all i want is to go in labor.  i am so ready for her to be here.  on the other hand, i never want to give birth.  it is scary as shit, there’s no turning back and it freaks me out.  so i wanted her to be here like yesterday, but i never want to actually go through it.  i'm torn... and nervous.

since this is probably my last update before she comes i have a couple extra things to add that I’ve seen other people do.

rings?  still on.  my fingers never swelled up, so i am still able to wear my wedding band.  i had a plan to go to walmart and buy a fake one if mine stopped fitting just so people didn’t think i was an unwed mother. hahaha.

belly button? still in.  although my stomach is tight and my belly button is more shallow, it is still an innie which i prefer because i didn’t want a little bump sticking out with every shirt i wear.

stretch marks? i still only have the one and i'm lubing up every morning and night.  hopefully that will keep them to a minimum.

maternity clothes? i am definitely in maternity clothes but i have some pieces from my closet that still fit.  my good friend, mauri, just sent me a whole box of summer wear so i am set for these last couple of weeks.  i love that i only ended up buying three pairs of pant and three shirts.  i cannot tell you how much i appreciate jana, shannon, jaime and mauri for letting me sport their clothes these last 6 months. thank you, thank you, thank you.

looking forward to the most? meeting brette and not being pregnant.


so there it is.

me at 38 weeks.

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