Wednesday, March 12, 2014

brette: nine months

ronnie weighed her the other day
and our scale said 19lbs.
not sure on her length,
we're really lacking on keeping up with her measurements.
her doctor's appointment is next week
so we'll have a full update then.
she's still sporting size 3 diapers and
is in 6-9 month clothing.
i was certain she was going to pop another
tooth through this month,
but so far nothing.
still just the two bottom teeth is all she has.
she did develop a lot more strength in her legs
and we practice standing all the time.
she took a step towards the table,
which was the first time she has been able to
move and keep standing.
no breakthroughs on crawling
which comes as no surprise.
as of yesterday,
she has also started clapping!
we went to story time at the library
and we were doing a sing-along and she clapped.
she's done it several times since,
and i even caught her mid-clap during our photo session this morning!
so cute.

sleep is going just like always with two minor changes.
she sleeps through the night like a champ.
(around 10 hours, then nurses and is back to sleep for another two)
ronnie is now the one who puts her to bed
and she was having trouble falling to sleep.
we found that she really just wanted someone with her.
i would stand over her crib with my hand on her shoulder
and she would relax.
but if i left, she would start crying again.
it was starting to hurt my back to hunch over her every night.
one night, i sat by her crib and she rested her head next to mine.
i crawled out of the room once she was asleep.
i knew in that moment that i had to find an easier way.
so i finally, after a week or two,
i figured a way to trick her into thinking i was there.
i lay a pillow next to her so she thinks someone is with her.
she cuddles up next to it and she drifts right off.
i'm literally in her room less than a minute.
the next change is we stopped swaddling her.
i know i tried to do this when she was five months old,
but it didn't work for us at the time.
she kept waking herself up with her hands in her face.
but recently she started crying as soon as i picked up the swaddle
so i took it as a sign that she was o.v.e.r. it.
she's been swaddle-free for 4 weeks.
instead, she gets a breathable blanket and
has her arms and legs everywhere,
but sleeps peacefully.
brette, for the most part,
eats what we eat.
including meat, which was a first for us.
she's has chicken, turkey, pork chops, tilapia and even some hamburger.
she does a really good job of chewing everything
and we haven't has any choking issues.
her main foods are fruits and veggies
and now that she's 9 months,
i will start giving her berries too.
the only things she still can't have
are eggs and honey... or anything hard.
as long as its cooked, mushy and cut into small pieces,
she is good to go.
i am still nursing her three times a day
and takes a bottle twice a day.
6:45 - nurse
10:15 - bottle
1:30 - nurse
4:45 - nurse
8:15 - bottle
asleep by 8:30.
i am getting ready to add another bottle next week,
but so far, weaning brette has been real slow and smooth.

i think brette likes to sing.
if we're in the car or at church and everyone is singing,
she will totally "yell" along.
thank god she's cute because it can get rather loud.
i have also heard her use the "m" sound several times.
not necessarily "mama" but whatever,
it's progress.
we've been working hard on the sign for drink
(which is different in my family - -
its like a kissing noise - -
supposed to be like sucking a straw - - coined by madeline.)
i think she did it the other night, but
i haven't seen her do it again, so who knows.
we're also working on "all done" and "more"
but she hasn't really picked up on sign language yet.

we do a lot of standing and playing.
my aunt bought her a piano that she can lean on
and we still put toys on the couch so she can stand and play there.
i'm trying to get her playtime to be leg strengthening as well.
we've also started going to a baby story time every tuesday at the library,
so that gives us an opportunity to check out some new books every week.
she is still loving her exersaucer and jumper
and has mastered turning on some of her own toys.
i'm really excited to take her to the park this spring and
really start getting some outdoor playtime.

she ate meat.
she can clap her hands.
she had her first month swaddle-free

i can't believe i have a nine month old.
my chunky monkey little, maybe big, nine month old.

no brette, your other left.

argh matey!

doing my st. patty's day jig!

oh, well he is nice and soft.

who are you, big fella?

i killed him!

proof of the clapping!

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