Wednesday, March 19, 2014


my dear margie came into town over her spring break
and hauled her two boys from st. louis to see shan and i.
[college roomies for life!]
once i got over to shan's it was decided
that we should have a big sleepover to maximize
the short amount of time we had together.
we spent all day together playing with kids
and catching up with each other.
dana joined us and brought her two little ones to our play group.
it was such a fun day.
that night shan made an awesome dinner
(i'm going to get her recipe and share)
and ronnie came over to hang for awhile too.
once the kiddos were all in bed in various pack-n-plays
and the husbands had gone off to bed too,
the three of us relived our college days. (kind of)
we split a six pack of beer and laughed
over our hilarious version of hashtag comedy,
facebook gossip and our desire for roseanne on tv.
   unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse around 10:45.
marge's two boys and brette all woke up.
what the heck.
i tried forever and could not get her back down.
finally, after midnight i packed it in and headed home.
wah wah wah.
and even once i got her home she cried for another 40 minutes before
finally passing out around 1:30.
poor girl.
but as soon as she woke up the next morning,
i was packed and ready and we headed back over to shan's.
i love having my friends on spring break.
it was just like old times.
sometimes i really do miss living with my bestest friends.
oh sure, ronnie can be cool,
but can you really compete with this?
 a look back...



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