Thursday, March 20, 2014


extra! extra!
a quick update on baby b.
she had her 9 month check-up at the pediatrician.
brette weighs 19lbs 7ozs. (75th%)
27.5 inches in length (50th%) and
17 3/4 cm around the ol' noggin. (80th%)
holy bobble-head.
we compared it to my baby stats at one year old.
she and i are the exact same size except she is 3 inches shorter...
and 3 months YOUNGER.
cheese and rice.
that is one big baby.
the doc also found that
she has another ear infection.
poor baby.
that explains the horrible night i had on monday trying to get her to sleep.
now i feel bad because i should have given her tylenol
because i'm sure her ear hurt and i was all like "go the F to sleep." 
she's on another round of antibiotics and is doing much better already.
her next doctor appointment isn't until she's a year old.
i can't believe we're that close to having a one year old.
especially since i haven't aged a day.

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