Tuesday, March 4, 2014

one two three

three little insights
into our week.
1. brette and i started going to a baby story time
every tuesday morning at the library.
i really love it. 
every week they sing songs, read a couple stories and have an activity.
last week we played with a parachute.  this week we played bells.
i even signed us up for a library card and checked out our first books.

ps- ronnie asked me how much is cost to rent books from the library.
i swear. so embarrassing.
2. i have this picture of brian (my brother)
and when i ran across it the other day
i saw his little girl in that smile.
don't you think?
3. i meant to mention this a couple months ago,
but sometimes b and i shower together.
have you other mammas tried it?
i would totally recommend it.
i hold her for a bit and wash her off,
then i sit her in her bumbo while i shower and
she plays with toys and the water.
she has so much fun and i don't have to rush through my shower.
this was us yesterday.
and yes, i am in a robe.
no comment.


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