Monday, February 23, 2015

eighteen weeks

i'm  eighteen weeks.

weight?  i've gained 3 lbs. not a huge deal, but i can tell my body it already changing. i don't think if i was walking down the street someone would guess i'm pregnant, but i feel fat.

cravings?  cereal, which is a reminder of my pregnancy with brette.  and not healthy adult cereal, but crap like fruit loops.  don't judge.  

side effects? there are plenty.
1. the first trimester was not good.  worse than with brette.  i was puking a lot. with brette i definitely felt sick but i never threw up.  this time, there was puking.  ronnie got so used to it, that one morning i was throwing up and he came in to ask me which socks he should wear.  what. the. hell.  how about a little sympathy.  but around 13 weeks, the nausea wore off and i feel just fine now.
2. i pee somewhere between 2:30 and 4:00 every night.
3. my boobs are bigger.  like i popped a button off my shirt the other day.
4. i'm tired.  it was worse during the first trimester.  i took A LOT of naps. it didn't help that i was fighting the flu and a cold. but even now, there is a chance that i might be in bed by 8:30.

baby?  baby is the size of an onion and is around 5 inches. he/she can also blink and swallow now, which sounds good to me.  i felt some kicking for the first time last week too.  i got annoyed with that with brette, which i'm sure i'll hate it after awhile too, but its a nice little reminder that someone is in there growing.

preparations? we haven't done really anything yet.  discussed names here and there.  we've told our family and friends. (more on that later) but the nursery is empty and we haven't even started stockpiling diapers.

the best thing? besides feeling some kicking, the thing i'm looking forward to most is my doctor appointment on march 4th.  we have on sonogram then and will find out if we're having a boy or a girl. i literally cannot wait.  any guesses?  i'm feeling boy, but who knows.

the worst thing?  my clothes have started to get tight.  i'm not in maternity wear yet, but i rock a lot of dresses and leggings.  things that don't require me to button up around my waist. ugh, i'm not looking forward to months and months of a limited wardrobe.

so there it is. 
me at eighteen weeks.

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