Wednesday, February 18, 2015

it's true - here comes baby #2

i made it facebook official without one word on my blog first.
doesn't seem quite right.
but it's true.
the news is out.
baby number two is heading our way.
due july22nd.
brette and this kiddo will be two years apart.
i was super shocked and excited when i found
out in early december.
after september, my doctor said to wait a few months before
trying again, so ronnie and i had decided to wait until after christmas.
then i didn't get my period in november.
i didn't think much of it because
my doctor said that things could be a little off
and it might take a few months to regulate.
but when i didn't get my period in december either,
i started to wonder.
ronnie was over working on our house one friday,
so on my lunch break i headed that way with a pregnancy test in hand.
and yep, a few minutes later it was confirmed.
i was excited, a little nervous and already
further along than expected.
holy cow.
its seriously a good thing i was so diligent
with birth control all those years,
because apparently getting pregnant is a non-issue.
now we wait.
this is me last week at 16 1/2 weeks.
i'll be 18 weeks on saturday.
and look at miss b in the background.
adorable as always.

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