Thursday, February 26, 2015

spreading the news

i get really excited to tell people i'm pregnant.
like really.
but like always, i wait until i've met with my doctor and
everything has been confirmed as healthy.
since i found out later than normal that i was expecting
and i couldn't get into the doctor for a couple weeks
people found out kind of late.
even when i went to my first appointment i didn't get to meet with my doctor,
but just a nurse that showed me a video on the do's and don'ts of pregnancy.
but my blood work did show i was pregnant and since i was already
out of my first trimester,
we told immediate family.
(parents, ronnie's sister, my brother)
i had a shirt i ordered off esty for brette to wear.
a little game, so it's not so obvious,
but fun for me to watch people figure it out.
this is the only pic i got that wasn't blurry,
because she's always on the move.
(her shirt didn't have the last two lines shown in the sample.
it just said "im going to be a big sister")
my parents were shocked and super happy.
it took brian and jaime a minute to read it
because brette was running around,
which is fun.

but then i had to wait even longer to tell others. 
i finally saw my doctor at 15 weeks.
heard the heartbeat and had her confirm
that things were as they should be.
since it was already february,
i decided i would send out valentine's.
i wanted to get brette in a picture,
but once again, trying to get one that's not blurry is a challenge.
so i found this on paperless post and sent these out
to all our family and friends for valentine's day.
there was NO WAY for people to misunderstand
or for it to go wrong,
so i'm excited that everyone knows now,
but sometimes it still doesn't feel real.
i guess i'm in the "easy second trimester" stage
where you don't really feel or look pregnant yet.
i'm sure i will long for these days this spring.

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