Wednesday, February 11, 2015

another week

there are a lot of good things about living outside city limits,
but trying to find cable and internet is not one of them.
i tried calling 3 cable companies and none of them 
"service my area."
so we decided to get satellite and had DISH come out to set us up.
the guy told us we have too many trees and he has no place to put one
unless he puts a pole in our front yard and even then, 
he thinks once all the leaves come in the reception might be bad.
scratch that.
we FINALLY found a cable company that goes to our neighborhood.
they are kind of expensive,
but right now,
i'm just ready to have internet and tv again.

this week:
ronnie made it home from vegas,
tired but in one peice.
we had a game night with friends on friday
and it was nice to do something social instead of work on the house.
the house is coming along.
curtains are hung and a few decorative items have been set out.
our dishwasher was delivered,
so we now have a dishwasher for sale along with a refrigerator.
someone, come buy them both.
brette recovered from her fever,
just to get pink eye from her cousins.
so that's been fun.

i'm ready to lay down and 
watch some tv.

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