Thursday, February 19, 2015

heading out of town

president's day was monday so
the bank was closed and i actually had a long weekend.
ronnie's been wanting to visit his family in illinois so
we decided to head out friday night after i got off work.
we hit the road later than expected (7:30) which meant brette was asleep
within the first 30 minutes, but it also meant we didn't get to his
mom's until 2:00 in the morning.
and just to be clear, ronnie doesn't do well driving at night
so i got the 11:00 to 2:00 shift.
fun times.
especially since when we stopped at a gas station for snacks
ronnie brought back mustard pretzels.
the grossest thing i can think of to eat.
so we had rain playing as background noise,
ronnie and brette asleep
and only mustard pretzels and water to keep me going.
it was a long night,
but it was a nice trip.
always relaxing.
ronnie sits around most mornings talking to his mom and grandma
while they drink at least two pots of coffee.
its nice to see ronnie actually sit around.
something i could do professionally.
and even though our valentine's day wasn't romantic,
its nice to get away.
in fact, ronnie and i didn't even spend the evening together.
he went out with his cousins, while i went to bed at 9:00.
but i am still waiting on my reese's hearts.
those things are tradition and i don't care where we are,
he better buy me some.
we didn't get to see all of his extended family this time,
but we did have a little family dinner sunday night
with a few of his cousins and their kids.
brette loved watching everyone run around.
and she found a new love for bologna.
who knew?
and the next day we headed out.
another long drive home
(in the snow)
but i'm happy we made the effort to go back.
sometimes a boy just needs his mom.

 (you can see for miles)
 (honey, brette's new best friend)
 (the barn at his mom's house)
 (relaxing and playing with B)

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