Sunday, March 1, 2015

another trip to the hospital

as of two years ago i had never been in the hospital.
no injuries.
no broken bones.
then i went to the hospital to have brette,
and all of a sudden i've been visiting,
what seems like, pretty regularly.
here's the story of our latest trip to the ER:
around 3am i woke up with pains in my back and stomach.
i thought i had to go to the bathroom (tmi? sorry.)
but it just got worse and worse.
i literally rolled around my bathroom for an hour and a half.
then i puked.
so i finally woke up ronnie around 4:30 and told him
i was in crazy pain and i was sick.
since we didn't know if it was baby related,
we decided not to take any chances and head to the ER.
i was seriously nervous that they were going to tell me
it was just gas pains or something stupid,
but the pain was intense i felt like i had no choice.
luckily, my mom had spent the night because she had
to watch brain's girls the next day so we put
her in charge of B and headed out the door.
i got right in, no long wait in the waiting room, thank god.
they immediately diagnosed me with kidney stones.
not able to pee.
huge pain that goes from my back to my stomach.
tenderness in my back.
but the bad news is,
you just have to let stones pass.
and normally they give you some crazy good pain meds.
but since i'm pregnant they were nervous about what to give me.
so while they tried different concoctions i laid there in pain.
they did an ultersound and checked the fetal heart rate,
all which looked good.
since they couldn't get my pain under control,
they admitted me and sent me up to a room.
they hooked me up to a morphine machine and kept it
pumping until i couldn't feel much of anything anymore.
and they decided to keep me overnight.
i was finally able to pee around 3pm and
even though the pain wasn't better,
they said it was a good sign.
i met with a urologist a couple times and two different OBs.
everyone had a different opinion about what was actually wrong,
but in the end,
i stopped the morphine around 2am and relied on tylenol.
they released me the next morning with two different diagnosis:
the urologist thinks i had kidney stones which i passed.
the OB thinks my uterus had expanded cutting off my urethra
not allowing my urine to go from my kidneys to my bladder.
in which case, i would have the same symptoms as kidney stones.
so who knows.
i don't really care as long as the pain stays away.
so i lost a couple days sleeping in the hospital and
then sleeping at home,
but i feel back to myself now.
my sister-n-law stopped by with a balloon and magazine
and my sister-cousin (a new breed we've discovered in our family)
 brought over homemade soup,
bread, reese's peanut butter cups and flowers.

um, thank you.
i feel much better and hopefully i won't
be visiting the hospital again until i'm going into labor.
it's my new goal.


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