Thursday, March 12, 2015

her own team

my friend shannon is working on building her own team.
with two adorable kids already
and one on the way,
she will have a five person basketball team ready this spring.
our girlfriends met at my house on saturday
to throw her a surprise sprinkle.
she isn't finding out the sex,
so she got a lot of diapers and wipes,
which anyone knows,
is super helpful.
this was also a playdate of sorts
because we had six kids under six here.
can you imagine this fall when we have eight?
we will officially be out numbered.
it was loud and crazy, but surprisingly stress-free.
we ordered in food which made it easy on everyone.
and even though everyone showed up around 11:30,
the last few didn't leave until 5:30.
all day baby showers.
it's just the way we roll.
congrats, shannie,
can't wait to meet another glover!
(kiddos eating lunch)
(the adult table)
(present time)
(brette and charlotte w dana) 

 (the boys)

(our gross [inherited] sandbox.
add it to the list of projects)
 (outdoor playtime was a little muddy)
(brette is obsessed with reese)

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