Tuesday, March 3, 2015

gender neutral

i've been thinking a lot about the sex of this little baby.
will it be a boy or a girl?
of course last time, i tried my best to be open to having a girl,
especially because in my dreams it was always a girl.
and low and behold,
that's what i got.
i haven't had a dream about this baby yet,
so i don't have any clues,
but its no secret i always envisioned myself with boys.
don't get me wrong.
brette is the sweetest, happiest best little girl i could have asked for.
but i'm not worried about 1 year old brette,
i'm worried about 15 year old brette.
teenage girls are scary.
but with that said,
i'm kind of hoping this next little one is a girl too.
say what?
i know. i know.
i still love the thought of having a little boy,
but i think it will be easier to have another girl.
we have all the clothes, toys, blankets... e v e r y t h i n g  girl.
lots of pink.
not to mention that this one will have brette,
eden and madeline as playmates.
can you imagine if its a boy?
this kid will be doomed to a life of princess parties and dress up clothes.

of course i think throwing a boy into the mix would be cool too.
and i have a weird feeling that it is a boy,
so who knows. 
luckily we find out SOON, as in tomorrow,
so stay tuned! 

anyone have a guess?

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