Monday, March 30, 2015

update: 23 weeks

i'm twenty-three weeks.

weight? i have no clue how much weight i've gained. my scale shot craps so i'm flying in the dark over here.  i wish i did know so i could tell if i need to reign in all the cookies i've been eating. i feel like i've gained a lot - - my bump had definitely popped out.

cravings?  i had some caffeine-free pepsi over the weekend and it was like christmas.  delicious. i'm still loving cereal and anything chocolate.  on the flip side, i cannot get enough of carrots with ranch dip.  i'm hoping that balances out all the junk.  right?  right.

side effects? by this time during my pregnancy with brette i was dying of back pain.  i can thankfully say that this time has been completely different. i do get some pain, but i'm so hyper aware of it, i can catch it before it gets out of control. she is kicking A LOT, which i hate.  i know it sounds weird, but i really hate the flips and punches.  its uncomfortable and it feels like you can't get off the roller coaster.  i have also had some swelling of my left leg on the days i work.  i don't know if it's the way i'm sitting or what, but its the same leg i had trouble with when i had brette. once i get home and relax it goes away.

baby? according to my baby books, the baby will have broken the 1 pound mark by now. wahoo!  i can officially blame a pound of my weight on her.  and she is about 8 inches long - butt to brain. she also has eyebrows, eyelashes and some hair. i hope this little one comes out with as much hair as brette did because i love how much hair brette already has.  makes her that much more adorable.

preparations? i made a list of the things i need for baby two.  a lot of stuff i already have, but we need a crib, mattress, another monitor - - stuff like that.  we haven't started the nursery or anything but i'm dying to get started.  i hope i can talk ronnie into starting that real soon.  i have some really cute ideas.

the best thing? i can still fit in my dresses and people insist that i'm still small, even though i don't feel like it.

the worst thing?  i'm already tired of being pregnant.  i'm such a whiner, i know. but seriously, i have to do this until the end of july.  that seems so far away. i'm ready to have my body back.

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