Wednesday, March 18, 2015

st patty's weekend

i've had a good couple of weekends
with my girlfriends.
this last weekend marge (my college roommate)
came down to visit shannon and i
with her two boys, crosby and cohen.
we met for lunch and took all the kids
to the st. patrick's day parade.
this time next year,
we will have added two more babies to the group so
i doubt we'll be going anywhere.

we followed up the parade with a fun
afternoon and evening at my house.
ronnie was busy doing yard work,
which suited the kids just fine.
they each took multiple rides on
his lap around the yard on our mower.
big. hit.
and i think ronnie dug it too.
and they did a wonderful job
of de-piling ronnie's leaf pile.
poor brette wasn't feeling very well
so by the time everyone left after dinner,
she passed out for the rest of the night.

i miss margie.
wish st. louis was a little bit closer.

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