Wednesday, March 4, 2015

not just my kids, but my girls.

the news is in.
we're having another little girl.
that's four for four on the turner side
and three for four on the cox side.
lots and lots of girls.
of course this means that this little one
is doomed to a life of hand-me-downs
and trying to keep up with her older sister.
i've heard sister fights can be pretty brutal too.
(but speaking from experience,
she would have fought with her brother just as much.)
it also means that she will have a big sister to talk
to about boys, make-up, clothes and in case of emergency,
borrow a tampon or a pair of shoes.
and who knows,
they might even trade secrets and be best friends.
a mom can dream, right?
i'm really excited to give these two girls a
lifelong buddy.
a forever playmate.
an accomplice.
a listening ear.
a partner in crime.
a helping hand.
a sister.
it should be awesome.


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