Monday, July 11, 2016

camper independence

so i never got to tell all about our first time out in the camper.
let's rewind a week...
there was a lot of packing.
we brought more crap than i thought possible and
somehow i had to run to walmart saturday morning
for a list of more crap we forgot.
hopefully, the camper is all set up and next go around
we'll just have to bring the basics.
the weekend went smoother than i thought it would
and the girls slept better than i ever would have dreamed.
brette had some late nights but both girls took
THREE HOUR naps in the afternoon.
at night we could put them both down and then
go back out to hang with the adults with our
trusty video monitor.
then, when we're ready to go back inside
we can sneak in the second entrance to our master bedroom
without waking anyone up.
the other thing i really loved is the u-shaped kitchen table it has.
we can all sit and eat, even reid, without a highchair.
and the two chairs in the "living room" work really
well for nursing/rocking at night.
basically, the layout of the camper suits us really nicely.
it's a good thing i liked the camper because
it rained all day saturday.
wah wah.
that made everything a
little soggy but the group we went with had pop-up's
so we basically had a big covered room outside.
i did some light reading, some light drinking,
played a few games and basically just sat around bullshitting.
the kids watched a few movies and colored.
sunday the sun finally came out so we took
the kids down to the beach to play in the water and
after nap we were able to take the boat out.
brette really loves the lake.
i have practically no pictures from the whole weekend because
i don't get service down there so i never had my phone on me.
but here is reid climbing from the couch to the
kitchen table like a little monkey.
and then a few from one afternoon outside.

monday, we got up early and hit the road.
my bff, kassie, had her baby over the weekend i was
bound and determined to meet that kiddo asap.
we were back home, unpacked and showered by 3:00
so i got back on the road to see little elle.
she is precious and perfect and i don't
think i've seen kassie as happy as she is now.
i'm pretty sure she was made for motherhood.


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