Tuesday, July 26, 2016

my closing thoughts

i think this is probably like my forth or fifth
post about nursing,
but it will be my last.
reid and i are done breastfeeding and
my boobs are retired.
here's how it went down.

i decided a long time ago that i would nurse my kids.
i had it in my head from the very beginning that
there was no other option.
it. was. happening.
i think that helped me.
my mind was set and so it didn't matter about anything else:
the pain or how tired i was - - i was going to make this work.
luckily for me, both my kids were naturals.
i never dealt with nipple confusion or latch issues.
i did have a few rounds of mastitis and reid refused formula,
so we all have our issues, but
for the most part, it came very naturally.
reid was different from brette in that she didn't
cuddle up and relax.
she was there and done within 10-15 minutes.
from the very beginning, she was just fast.
i worried at first that she wasn't getting enough because
brette normally nursed for 30 minutes.
but i realized that as long as she was keeping up
with the growth curve, then i would let her do her thing.
and that's what we did for the last year.
but as of two nights ago,
we are done.
no more nursing - - ever again.
ho-ly cow.
i even took down the shower curtain hanging up 
in an office at the bank for pumping privacy.
i can tell you, it's so freaking nice not to have to pump anymore.
good riddance.
and my plan for slow and steady wins the race again.
i started weaning her when she was nine months old,
taking one feeding away every two weeks.
i replaced nursing with snacks or sippy cups.
i didn't want to transition her to bottles because
it seemed pointless to start her on those when a one year old
can totally rock a sippy cup.
a bottle would just end up being another thing to break her of and
i really believe in no bottles, no boob by one.
i did it with both girls and it worked well for us.
i was really nervous about taking away her last session.
it's right before bed and i thought we might have issues.
but as normal, i'm more freaked out by this than reid.
she just laid down and went to sleep.
it just goes to show that these things are harder on
the moms than the kid.
in fact, i was going to make ronnie start putting her down,
but he was gone tonight so i did it and
there was no fight to it.
so easy.
i think this means that reid was ready 
(which makes me feel better) and
i feel so proud that we made it to her birthday.
it's probably one of the best things i did with my babies.
and while i know there are no right or wrong decisions when
it comes to nursing/formula/pumping/bottles/boobs,
i'm really happy this worked for us.

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