Tuesday, July 19, 2016


i did this thing last week
where i tried to kill myself
being way too social.
plans all week long?
oh lord.
it started saturday with a party.
did you know that there comes a time
in your life where you should not make plans on saturday's?
it's true.
my new rule is: friday night or nothing.
at least if you go out on friday you have 48 hours to recover.
saturday nights out leave you wondering
how you are ever going to function in a mere 24 hours.
monday is sitting there looming over your head all day
while you try not to die and maybe also try to be a parent.
it sucks... or so i've heard.

sunday night i managed to get myself dressed and
met my family for dinner at jack stack for some delicious bbq
in celebration of my dad and Ronnie's birthday.
brette was being grouchy and wouldn't get off my lap,
but the huge brownie we ordered helped everything.
monday and tuesday were actually pretty normal.
i worked. we had a big family dinner.
i stayed home with the girls.

wednesday i met up with some girls i used to
work with and had dinner and drinks.
(i had one glass of wine because, for real,
it was too soon after saturday night.)
and i was home in time to help put the girls to bed.
thursday i had tickets to see beauty and the beast
at starlight theatre with a couple girls from the bank.
beauty and the beast is seriously in my top three favorite
disney movies of all time and it was hard for me to
sit there and not belt out all the songs.
ps- gaston was freaking hilarious.
i recommend it.
but i didn't get home until almost 11:30 and
didn't get to bed till after midnight.
when reid woke up at 6:30 i wanted to die.

friday i worked and then met ronnie, cale and the girls for dinner.
after the girls were asleep i hit the road for warrensburg
because my favorite two people were waiting for me.
shannon and marge... my college roomies.
we only get to see each other 3-4 times a year
so i have to take advantage when i can.
i didn't get down there until 9:00 and didn't
leave until after midnight.
i was freaking tired the next morning,
but i miss my friends so its  completely worth it.
since margie was in town, i invited my best friends
over for a little playdate.
by little, i mean huge.
and by playdate, i mean madhouse.
there were seven moms, two dads and cale.
seven kids one year old or younger.
eight kids between seven years old and three.
it. was. crazy.
but totally manageable and the kids freaking loved it.
we had a little pizza, blew up a pool, offered cookies and
chips when things got rough and even managed to put
the babies down for rotating naps in reid's crib.
i call that success.

THAT was my week.
this week, its back to normal.
groceries, laundry, cleaning.
nothing cool at all.
(until friday and then it's reid's FIRST BIRTHDAY! ahhhh!)

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