Friday, July 22, 2016

miss reid

i couldn't let this day pass without
a few words for my girl.
my littlest chicken had her very first birthday.
i didn't get to spend the day with her
because apparently when you only work two days
a week it will always fall on the days you wish you could stay home.
so instead of snuggling my girl all day,
i dropped her off bright and early for her first
full day at the sitters.
i hated life.
but ronnie brought her by the bank when
he picked the girls up and
we all had dinner together, followed by
birthday cupcakes, so its all good.
her party is not until next weekend, so
the real celebration is still a week away.
it seem so crazy that a whole
year has gone by since we met reid,
with her wild red hair and beautiful blue eyes.
she is as sweet as they come.
no really. soooo so so sweet.
her scrunchy little smile takes up her whole face and
you literally cannot help but laugh.
we're so lucky to have two perfect little girls
and i cannot wait to see what the next year brings.
i have a feeling they will just keep getting better and better.
(at least until we hit the teenage years and then i'm giving them away)
happy birthday sweet reid,
we love you very very much!


(i swear she wasn't awake the first month of her life.)

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