Tuesday, July 12, 2016


last week ronnie took brette to the pediatrician
for her three year check-up.
i totally forgot about getting her in to the doctor until
we received paperwork from her preschool needing
a doctor's signature and her shot records.
i got her in on a friday, but i had to work so ronald took her.
she is in the 90th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight.
say whaaaaa?
i would have never guess B is tall.
i guess i don't ever really see her around that many other 3 year olds.
ronnie also said the doctor asked brette about her colors and
had her draw a circle for her.
i asked how she did and he said "fine."
oh gee, thanks. that tells me so much.
he didn't really tell me a whole lot about the appointment because
ronnie sucks at remembering things i would find important.
she did have a slight ear infection but brette said it didn't hurt
so she's not on antibiotics for now.
i was excited to get her in to the doctor so fast because
that's the last thing we needed in order to officially enroll her in school.
on august 17th, going only on wednesdays and fridays.
we have an open house/meet the teacher night the monday before
and i'm anxious to see how brette reacts.
i can't decide if i think brette will be totally cool with it or
cry when i try to leave her.
i'm hoping she loves every minute of it.
i can't believe my baby will be in school in a month.
i'm kind of freaking out about it.
i'm super excited for her and not ready at all.
thank god i still have a couple years
to prepare for kindergarten.
i'm so not ready.

here's brette in all her glory.

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