Sunday, November 27, 2016

ready, set, holidays!

we've been busy.
here's the rundown.

we had family pictures taken the sunday before thanksgiving.
it was a last minute thing that i had been meaning to do 
since reid turned one in july.
i guess a christmas card looming over my head finally
gave me the motivation i needed.
it was chilly, but sunny and right at sunset.
it made for gorgeous photos.
i've only seen these three, but i'll get the rest of them
in a week or two.
i can't wait.

thanksgiving was easy, which is so nice to say.
we made our way to my parent's house late morning
and hung around all day eating, drinking and 
catching up with family.
i actually had the girls looking super cute, but
5 minutes after arrive at mimi's brette had on 
dress-up play clothes and we didn't even get a picture together.
wah wah.

and then finally today.
my bff, kass, called and asked if we would meet them
downtown kansas city at union station so i could 
take pictures of her family for their christmas card.
we had nothing going on and it sounded like such a fun
thing to do for the holidays - so  we packed up the girls
and headed out.
we walked around union station and took lots of fun pictures.

then we took the sky link over to crown center.
they had a gingerbread santa house and somehow
we got there early and santa was already on duty.
we walked right in and got our picture taken.
no line.
best. thing. ever.
although, reid didn't think so.
she was scared of poor ol' santa.
but i had to do it.
i needed the photo. 

after, i talked everyone into having lunch at frisco's.
i had never been, but i knew a little train delivered
your food so i thought the girls would love it.
and they did.
they thought it was so cool.
unfortunately the food the train brought was 
not very good.
live and learn.
choo choo.

we had such a fun day and
decided we want to do it every year.
i just love the holidays.
they're busy and crazy and fun.
just the way i like it.

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