Tuesday, November 22, 2016

thanksgiving prep

and just like that,
we're two days away from thanksgiving and
then the holidays will be in full swing. 
we're heading down to my parent's on thursday so 
it's nice not to have to pack to stay or madly start
preparing my house for guests.
i'm taking corn and baking a pecan pie and that
basically completes my list of to-do's.
i love easy holidays.
brette, reid and my parents actually already had one
thanksgiving dinner at brette's school.
of course it was the week i had to work and no one
could come in to help cover, so i had to miss it.
my parents were impressed and brette looked so cute.
i'm already looking forward to next year, so
i can see it for myself.
THIS is why i'm a stay-at-home mom, so it
feels like really bad luck that i missed it.

(notice on brette's headdress it lists what she's thankful for? 
apples and ice cream! who knew.)

and another little fun thing, right before thanksgiving,
we had some house guests for one night last weekend.
margie and todd drove in for a chiefs game and
stayed with us.
we met up with shannon and drew the next day for brunch
and tried to get in as much conversation as possible before
marge had to leave.

but luckily, she'll be back in a month to visit the new glover baby,
who is only 3 weeks away from arrival.
it's going to be a fun december.
i need to start decorating and shopping and baking,
but i'm not starting any of that until next weekend.
black friday, here i come!

have a wonderful thanksgiving!
i hope you eat a ton.

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