Thursday, November 17, 2016

so are the days of our lives

i have been working all week long.
working, as in:
three 10 hour days.
two 8 hour days.
and of course, its my saturday to work too.
tack on another 4 hours.
f i f t y  h o u r s.
i haven't worked a full week in 
probably three years, let alone 
more than forty hours.
i'm tired.
brette's been sleeping like shit.
(i want to pull my hair out.)
i've been getting up by 5:30 and
i'm not back home until after 6:00.
i'm over it and i can't wait for
next week when things are back to normal.

you want to know the worst part?
it's hasn't even been that hard.
my parents stayed up here to watch 
the girls since i don't have full-time childcare, so
it's not like i've been running the kids around
and trying to figure out dinners.
THAT would have made things 800 times worse.
and it makes me extra appreciative of
the last three years i've had at home.
i can't imagine trying to work full time
eight weeks after having a baby. 
it's hard enough to leave my three year old and
one year old as it is.
i guess i like my kids after all.
sometimes i forget that.

okay, i'm off to bed. 
tomorrow is another 10 hour day.

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